we all have time

The phrase I hate the most is “I don’t have time.” we all have time to do things — we just don’t have time to do EVERYTHING. So we prioritize. When you say — “I don’t have time to read” you actually mean “I don’t choose to prioritize reading over all my other activities including working, being with my family, playing golf, watching football, and poker.”

From now on, instead of saying “I don’t have time”, say “I don’t choose to do this.”

2 thoughts on “we all have time

  1. Ben Casnocha

    YES! I say this ALL THE TIME. My response is, “We all have time for anything. You choose not to find the time.”
    Most commonly said in response to people not having time to read or exercise.

  2. Jon

    Who has time to say “I don’t choose to do this”? Those extra syllables can really set you back. Say “I don’t have time” in the interest of efficiency and maybe you’ll be able to get in a little more reading.


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