Monthly Archives: January 2006

Retrievr — draw to photo

This is really neat.   Mike Arrington pointed me to Retrievr — you draw something in the Retrievr sketch pad and then is searches something similar.

Mike explains:

Retrievr has a Flash sketch pad built into the site. Draw something – anything – and it will fetch Flickr images that are similar.

try it … very impressive.  we’re getting closer and closer to fast image recognition technology which will totally change the way we process and search pictures, photos, videos, etc.   

Books i read in 2005

One thing i like to do in the new year is look back on the books i read (and listened to) for the last year and see when they meant to me.   

so here they are.  books in orange are the ones that really meant a lot to me and i would suggest:

that’s 38 books: read 17 and listened to 21.   of those, i would highly recommend 10 of them.