Monthly Archives: June 2007

eight miles per hour

yet more evidence that society is rapidly improving:
The speed limit in New York City was eight miles per hour in 1895 (according to "real fact" in my Snapple bottle today)

and yet more evidence that things stay the same:
while the speed limit in NYC today is about 5 times faster than in 1895, good luck driving faster than 2 miles an hour going across town in rush hour.

Where are the raves?

Take a look at the Rants and Raves section on Craigslist.   Guess what???? — there aren’t a lot of raves.   Just rants.  And more rants.  It should be called "Rants and more rants."   how come no one wants to say nice things about their neighbor, the cashier at Starbucks, or the girl they went on a date with?

James Currier pointed this out to me and it got me curious — is this becoming increasing true?

More and more on the Internet, the microphone goes to the person that can make the nastiest comment, be the meanest, be the bigger gossiper.   And worse are the anonymous comments … often all that comes out is bitterness and vitriol.   

Until then, I’ll be waiting eagerly for the new "raves and more raves" section on the web …

read my Start-up Life

I finished Ban Casnocha’s book my Start-Up Life.   I highly recommend it.

here is the review i posted on Amazon:

Casnocha is wiser than most people who are three times his age. My
Start-up Life is the best gift you can buy your teenage son or daughter
… it will give them confidence in their own abilities and courage to
take on new challenges. But you might want to buy two copies as you’ll
find yourself getting just as much out of it. Ben’s crisp writing and
interesting anecdotes gave me and sense of adventure and fun while
learning a great deal about business. It is Harry Potter meets Good to