read my Start-up Life

I finished Ban Casnocha’s book my Start-Up Life.   I highly recommend it.

here is the review i posted on Amazon:

Casnocha is wiser than most people who are three times his age. My
Start-up Life is the best gift you can buy your teenage son or daughter
… it will give them confidence in their own abilities and courage to
take on new challenges. But you might want to buy two copies as you’ll
find yourself getting just as much out of it. Ben’s crisp writing and
interesting anecdotes gave me and sense of adventure and fun while
learning a great deal about business. It is Harry Potter meets Good to

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  1. Selly

    Wow. This is fate–I was just looking @ this book last night and thinking “No one I know/trust has ever read this book, I wonder if it’s good…” 🙂
    On the reading list.


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