Black Donnellys: Best show on television is cancelled

Those who
know me know I am not a connoisseur of television (far from it). while I own a television, it has been
sitting in my closet unplugged for the last 4 years. My only television comes from the times I am
trapped in a hotel room or when I download shows I like on iTunes (I’m an avid
"The Shield" watcher) and occasionally sneak in a Daily Show at the
Comedy Central site.

But this
year I really got into The Black Donnellys — a vivid show about a young Irish
gang. this is a great action drama that
was always riveting and always had me at the edge of my seat. While I don’t have a TV, all the shows are
available on the Internet on NBC’s site (they did a really good job).  

of course, The Black Donnellys is now cancelled. I ran into a friend of mine at NBC last
month and she was making fun of me for watching The Black Donnellys … maybe I was
one of just a handful of viewers but this really is a good show. But the good thing is that all the episodes
are still online so you can see for yourself. Watch the pilot at now

18 thoughts on “Black Donnellys: Best show on television is cancelled

  1. Jonathan Washburn

    I totally loved the show. Very disappointing. I felt it was the kinda show that would build a stronger and stronger following each week. Oh well, TV is dead anyways. Right?

  2. Jason L. Baptiste

    Auren, it’s a real shame they cancelled Black Dons. They also cancelled Studio 60. TV stations are getting impatient with shows that might require real character development. Instead they are going for this garbage reality stuff like: Real Life Wedding Crashers. Black Dons is a show that I think is/was really meant for HBO. Imagine how much darker it would be? If I were HBO, I’d buy the rights to it, and let it fill in for Sopranos after they are off the air in a few weeks. Thoughts?

  3. John

    i could not belive it when i read that the show was cancelled. i was looking for it all over my tivo , and nothing. i was waiting til hereos was finished, and still nothing. i like the idea of hbo buying it, what they left a mystery to me was how joey ice cream got caught..i guess ill never know.. black donellys was the @#$%….

  4. Ruth

    Hi Auren,
    I’d have to agree with you. The Black Donnellys is the best show to come to television.. in a long time. There were so many intricacies that made this series exciting to watch. I hear a lot of what you had mentioned. There are a lot of critics out there and viewers who state, The Black Donnellys isn’t their cup of tea.
    I think most of the viewers and the critics either don’t understand or get confused by what’s going on with The Black Donnellys. Just because something may be a confusion to you doesn’t mean it’s a “Bad” show.
    Nevertheless, I’m sure you heard about HDNet reairing the entire first season?? I’m actually participating in a Save The Black Donnellys Campaign to bring the series back for a second season. You can find out more info here: While Mark Cuban, co-founder of HDNet and president and Dallas-Mav owner, is very responsive in noting that this is a great show.. he also stated that a second season would depend upon how well the first season does on HDNet.
    We’re actually targeting HBO.. because we think the series would be a good fit there.

  5. black donnellys cancelled??? Way to go ABC

    You know….cancelling the Black Donnellys killed my last hope for network tv – especially ABC. Now don’t get me wrong…Grey’s and Brothers and Sisters are superstars, but to trash Tommy and the boys???? Unthinkable. I agree that it is a prime HBO pick up….we can only hope, although I think in vain.
    p.s. I grew up in the very section of NY that is depicted during the 70s and this show was real to the core.

  6. mija71

    Hey TBD fans! I too was very upset when The Black Donnellys was prematurely taken off the air and shown online only. I was even more upset when it was cancelled altogether. However, if you’re like me and would like to see a second season of TBD, there is an organized Save The Black Donnellys campaign in progress. This time around, we are focusing our efforts on HBO (and if need be, other networks later on) since NBC appears to be doing everything it can to squash the Save TBD campaign (including deleting all of our posts over at Therefore, we’ve created our own website containing information about the Save TBD campaign. You can find all of the information you need about the ongoing campaign efforts at Our current campaign initiatives are focused on spreading the word about the campaign and sending shamrocks, quarters, and crackers (for the “firecrackers”) to HBO. (To date over 9600 crackers have been shipped to HBO and we’re still going!) To make things really easy, we’ve even included a “Donate” button on the campaign website so that you can contribute to the bulk shipments of crackers that will be sent to HBO over the upcoming weeks. In addition, each day we post a new “Daily Action Item” on the campaign site. These items are targeted at creating the most buzz about TBD and letting HBO know how much we want a second season. Best of all, the daily action items take only 5-15 minutes to do so everyone can participate. Finally, we discuss the campaign, new ideas, and our progress in the “Firecrackers” section at The Firecracker Lounge ( We need everyone to help with whatever they can. Please join us in the fight to bring back the Donnelly brothers for season 2. Thank you.

  7. steven wagner

    i am 59 years old and have been watching the death of good tv for 20 years. imagine the agony i have been going through. the loss of Black Donnellys is just one more painful blow……..

  8. Jess

    what can we do, or is anything being done to save the show? Are there going to be anymore online episodes?


    I thought the Black Donnellys was a good show. I also really loved the show The Book of Daniel. Seems like everytime NBC gets a good show on, they pull it off right away. No wonder they are behind in ratings.

  10. Cory Owens

    Why did they cancel the show to begin with? It made Monday after work relaxing and enjoyable. If not NBC then another network should pick this show back up. This is the first show NBC has ever had that was worth watching. I guess it will have to be back to fox forever.

  11. J. Dotson

    I agree with you all adamantly. When this show first aired I fell back in love with T.V. Not once was a show an episode missed for me. A friend and I used to discuss each episode the day while at work. My manager allowed me to have the night off on one occasioan. I’m flabbergasted that a show of that caliber was canceled while most of the grime that is still on T.V. Reality shows make me hurl with their sad plots and uninteresting look at normal people in awkward situations. How much longer can this go on.
    I for one will join in on the push to bring back TBD. It was and is still a great show and I’m sad that well Educated people, who are supposed to know what people will and will not watch, feel that TBD was a bad show. They’ve forgotten what T.V. used to be. For a moment maybe they came back to it but it seems that ignorance of “what the people want” prevailed. Because believe if the people of America could choose, I’m sure almost, if not all, every Reality show would be off air and TBD would be back on!

  12. Pablo

    Black Donnellys is the show!! we need it back…
    Come on HBO buy the rights and see how the whole country will be one channel the time and date you play the show…

  13. Amy

    I loved the show!!! How could they cancel it??? They have to bring it back. I thought the show was better than the Sopranos. HBO should buy the rights.

  14. Jade

    The Black Donnellys was such a great show, I loved it and so did my dad and my partner, since it has been cancelled i just don’t bother to get to interested in tv anymore, what’s the point, as soon as i find something i like they just pull it away. it sucks.


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