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Book: The World’s Banker

The World’s Banker : A Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations by by Sebastian Mallaby
This is a story of Jim Wolfensohn — President of the World Bank for ten years (1995 to 2005).

for those of you who’d like to learn more about the World Bank, this is a marvelous book … gives you a real insight into one of the world’s most important institution.

you’ll also follow Mr. Wolfensohn — the most prolific Bank President since Robert McNamara … and watch him try to charge a flawed institution. Mallaby also points out Wolfensohn’s own flaws … and how his personality isn’t suited very well to running a large institution.

the book is incredibly well-written and reads easily … it is worth a read if you want to enhance your knowledge of how global poverty can better be transformed.

Danish govt pays prostitutes to sleep w disabled people

The headlines blurt: Danes provide prostitutes for the disabled

Brad Plumer has a great analysis of this crazy govt policy. snip:

1) Whoa…; 2) Only once a month? We pay taxes here in America and get screwed every single day; 3) Not that far a leap from this to taxpayer-subsidized sex for everyone—why not subsidize brothels for unattractive or shy people? Same principle, no?; 4) Well, what of it? If adequate housing and a decent living and all that jazz are things lefties think government should help guarantee, why not a happy sex life too?; 5) Assuming there aren’t enough male prostitutes, or gay prostitutes, or tranny prostitutes, or whatever, to go around, aren’t there discrimination issues here?