Monthly Archives: July 2006

book: Bell Labs

BelllabsBell Labs: Life in the Crown Jewel
by Narain Gehani

listened to this audio book. i came in with very high expectations since so much innovation came out of Bell Labs. i was really excited to devour this book. instead it was mainly about corporate politics and the infighting that took place at Bell Labs. i finally had to stop listening … i couldn’t get through it.

Summation: avoid this book

why do bands do an encore?

why does every band do an encore????? I mean … aren’t we hip to that game by now? Everybody cheering loudly hoping the band will come back on stage and sing their two most famous songs that they “forgot” to do in the real performance.

Like are we really worried that when the lights in the stadium are still off that the band is not going to come back? It seems like every band does the encore trick … you’d think, after all these years, that an ingenious band would come up with a new stunt.

I’m hoping a smart band manager will some up with a new stunt that we can get excited about. Or if we are going to do an encore tradition, maybe make the audience do something harder than just cheering to get the bonus performance. Like the bands’ taxes. Or collectively eat a 10-meter marshmallow. Or a certain number of people have to take their cloths off. Or a collection is made for charity and only when a certain amount is collected will the band come up again.

(special thanks to Shane Reilly who has been complaining about encores for years)

book publishing is so antiquated

I was recently reading the proofs sent by the publisher to an author friend of mine. And the edits are actually done via pencil!! That’s right, no tracked changes. And this is from one of the largest publishers in the world.

at least they use pencil and not a feather dipped in ink…

book: Starfish and the Spider

159184143701_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_v63183955_The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

This is a game changing book.

i repeat: This is a game changing book

this is about how some headless organizations can out-perform command-and-control organizations. not unlike the Dean campaign. and given i read this book immediately after the Trippi book, it had extra meaning for me.

summation: i’m a big believer is starfish over spiders. and after reading this book, you will too.

Book: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

PaperbackcoverThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Joe Trippi

i don’t think most people realize how revolutionary the Howard Dean campaign was. it was truly amazing. according to Trippi (the campaign manager), instead of the campaign managing the volunteers, the volunteers managed the campaign. and they did this, of course, using Internet tools.

summation: this is a book to be read by anyone who is interested in politics. this is in contrast to general arguments about command and control. i highly recommend this book.

celebrating the contrasts

i’m writing this as i’m waiting for a meeting in new york city …
there is nothing more satisfying then, while walking 10 blocks up Fifth Avenue in 100 degrees and 100% humidity, you get that super-cooled air-conditioned breeze every time you walk by that jewelry or clothing store.

and while i’m often one to promote energy conservation, the pure joy this blast of cold air brought to me eliminated any thoughts of Middle East oil and global warming from my mind …