book publishing is so antiquated

I was recently reading the proofs sent by the publisher to an author friend of mine. And the edits are actually done via pencil!! That’s right, no tracked changes. And this is from one of the largest publishers in the world.

at least they use pencil and not a feather dipped in ink…

2 thoughts on “book publishing is so antiquated

  1. Robin Wolaner

    Auren, having spent two decades in magazine publishing, I couldn’t believe the book publishing world. I would submit my word doc manuscript, and then my publisher would send me hard copy to mark up. I don’t have an electronic version of the final manuscript as a result! Have to remember to buy an ebook version one of these days :).

  2. Rolf - Audiobook Fan

    :-)…… That’s really quite astonishing!
    I wonder how they do this with audiobooks? Guess they have had to make a few steps to the ‘future’ (at least ‘future’ for them, ‘today’ for us) and get a a few MP3 players to listen to the final version of an audiobook.


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