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future network of a person and the “network enhancing event”

it is hard to predict the future network of a person might have. but someone’s key value to an organization is their network — especially weak ties to other people. obviously, the younger a person is, the more likely s/he is to have massively increased network 20 years from now as people’s value grow.

many people go through what i call a “network enhancing event” — that is some sort of life event/change that massively increases one’s network. Like b-school. Harvard Business School is a good example (large, highly social people). One’s network can essentially double or triple. most of the people who go to college experience this.

my feeling on the value of college is not much (besides pressures from society and learning how to drink beer). but the network one gains can be extraordinarily important and one can learn a lot.

A “network enhancing event” could be a variety of things. for an academic, it might be writing a well-received paper or book. it might be a job change that forces you to interact w/ tons of people. it might even be gaining a new good friend or significant other that is more social or has access to a different set of people. it might be moving to a new town.

many people go through 2-4 network enhancing events in their lifetime and thus “valuing” someone’s network might change over time

Book: The Crisis of Islam by Bernard Lewis

073930219101_pe34_scmzzzzzzz_Chris Alden handed me the audio CD for The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror by Bernard Lewis and said “you must read this — i’ve listended to the CDs twice”

with a recommendation like that, i couldn’t wait to get started. sure enough, one trip to Tahoe later, The Crisis of Islam is a book i would suggest to anyone looking to get further information on one of the world’s greatest religions and its intersection with current events, the economy, and terror.

Baby Name Wizard

If you are thinking of having a baby, know friends that are having a baby, or were once a baby yourself, you’ll find The Baby Name Wizard NameVoyager truly fascinating.

You’ll learn some fascinating facts. “David” was the second most polular name in the 1960s, fourth most popular in the 70s, fifth most in the 80s, 11th in the 1990s, and 14th in 2003. But Davids, do not worry, David was only the 30th most popular name in the 1910s.

If you are like me and have always wondered why you know so many Jennys — it is because “Jennifer” was the most common girl name in the 1970s.

Of course, “Auren” is not even listed ….

Thank you Hunter Walk for forwarding…

Etymotic Research ER*6i Isolator earphones

i’ve been using the Etymotic Research ER*6i Isolator earphones for about 4 weeks now and i have been duly impressed. This is another product of the Silicon Valley 100.

If you’re like me, you’ve been struggling to find good quality headphones that are highly portable. So last month I went to CES with a mission to discover the best headphones. I tried out a bunch of headphones (and shared my ear wax with way too many people).

Er6itopI came across the Etymotic Research ER*6i Isolator earphones and immediately fell in love.

The pros: My top two criteria are portability and noice reduction. Noise reduction comes in very handy while listening to Weird Al Yankovich and Right Said Fred on my mp3 player and running by the noisy San Francisco streets. A few independent tests shows that ER’s noise cancellation matches electrostatic headphones that cost several thousand dollars.

The cons: If you are afriad of putting something in your ear, you might not like these. And the headphones only work well when they are inserted properly (read the instructions).

Mac Daily News has a good review of the product including a sighting of President Bush using the headphones with his iPod.

So Bose headphones are amazing for listening to music at home. they are even good for a plane (though they are a bit bulky). but you cannot work out in them, go for a run, or be mobile. the ER*6i Isolators are the answer.