hail the Pedometer

Chris Alden does it. I even convinced Sonia Arrison to do it.

is measuring your life a new fad? I decided to find out. at the beginning of the year, flush with new years resolutions, i decided to buy the Sportline 360 Fitness Pedometer and have been tracking my steps ever since. According to the walking experts, you should get at least 10,000 steps per day. Me? my average is 5410 steps — a far cry from what’s necessary. in fact, i have only beat the 10,000 mark one day — and that was a day full of soccer and a short hike — so either my pedometer undercounts or 10,000 is not very realistic.

regardless, i have found that i am walking more and running more. in fact, my 7-day running average is currently 6,265. Not too shabby!.

Of course, you’ll also find you start wearing a lot of sweaters to cover up your geeky obsession with counting and because the pager-look-alike-pedometer makes one resemble a 1980s drug dealer.

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