why do bands do an encore?

why does every band do an encore????? I mean … aren’t we hip to that game by now? Everybody cheering loudly hoping the band will come back on stage and sing their two most famous songs that they “forgot” to do in the real performance.

Like are we really worried that when the lights in the stadium are still off that the band is not going to come back? It seems like every band does the encore trick … you’d think, after all these years, that an ingenious band would come up with a new stunt.

I’m hoping a smart band manager will some up with a new stunt that we can get excited about. Or if we are going to do an encore tradition, maybe make the audience do something harder than just cheering to get the bonus performance. Like the bands’ taxes. Or collectively eat a 10-meter marshmallow. Or a certain number of people have to take their cloths off. Or a collection is made for charity and only when a certain amount is collected will the band come up again.

(special thanks to Shane Reilly who has been complaining about encores for years)

2 thoughts on “why do bands do an encore?

  1. hunter

    One of my faves The Supersuckers do the “fake encore” where they run the audience through a condensed version of “we’re pretending to walk off stage for the night, you cheer us and these cheers inspire us to return.” It takes about 15 seconds and then they’re back to playing.
    Not the new stunt you’re looking for but at least something more transparent than normal.

  2. okdork

    you really hit the nail on the head. hootie and the blowfish (one of the greatest bands of all time) does 3 encores. please do something different. please realize auren and i are in the crowd and hate wondering if this really is the last time.


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