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Noah Kagan on Craigslist

Noah Kagan has a good post on "Craigslist Fraud, the New ebay" — worth a read.   


Now I see more emails that remind me of eBay
where they ask you to ship to international countries (which I got
scammed on once) and want to pay excessive of your asking price.

fraud is becoming more important as more person-to-person transactions are going off eBay and going to places like Craigslist and Edgeio

i’m working on something now to tackle this problem … more on that in a few weeks….

Book: Executive Intelligence

Executive Intelligence by Justin Menkes was a book that came highly recommended by Andrew Frame (CEO of Ooma). 

I’m a huge fan of Andrew’s so I took his recommendation seriously and read it right away.    the book is a fast read so it is a good information to time ratio (which is how i judge most books).    it has one key concept:   hire critical thinkers to your organization.   it is pretty simple but powerful and important and Menkes makes a good case while interviewing many successful CEOs.

overall: the book is good and you can probably read the entire thing in 2 hours — so you might want to just borrow it from a friend (i left my copy on an airplane or i’d lend you mine).

Plantronics Voyager 510SL and Aliph Jawbone PC Edition

V510sThere are two products that I want to praise — both of which go in your ear.   

the first is the Plantronics Voyager 510SL Bluetooth headset.   this is the best Bluetooth headset i’ve ever user.   it is extremely lightweight, long talk time, good sound, and good volume.   it connects directly with my Treo 650 (and any other bluetooth compatible cell phone) and it has an adapter that connects directly with your office phone … so you only need one headset for both phones.  it is really cool.   (note that this was a Silicon Valley 100 product and I got it for free).

The second product is the new Aliph Jawbone PC Edition.   it is not out on the market yet but it is a terrific headset for travelers that want to make skype calls.   Hosain Rahman, Aliph’s CEO, gave me the product minutes before catching my plane to Chile.   it is a great product that really made my trip better (i’ve been using skype a lot when traveling internationally and the lightweight Jawbone made my travels much easier).   plus, the sound quality is really good.

Book: On Intelligence

On Intelligence by Jeff HawkinsBook

I got this book with great anticipation as I’m really interested in the brain and the mind.   Unfortunately, the book was a bit of a let-down for me.   It was overly technical in some parts.   In other parts of the book, it essentially re-hashed some of the more popular books on the subject.   

There is no doubt that awkins is extremely smart … and I have a lot of respect for him … but if you’re debating whether to read this book and you’re not a neuroscientist, you might want to skip it and just read the reviews and notes.

Gaining an hour

you know the feeling when you find an extra $20 in your pocket that you did not know that you had?

i love that.

well imagine finding $1000.   that’s what i felt like last saturday night.    i was in Chile and they moved their clocks back an hour.   it was fantastic.   i gained an extra hour.   

in the future i’ll plan all my travels around time changes and maybe end the year plus ten hours 🙂

Thoughts on happiness …

Here’s a random thought….

Depressed people tend to make those
around them more depressed. Essentially,
being around depressed people is depressing. Happy people don’t like hanging out w depressed people. Happy people tend to disassociate themselves
from complainers. And depressed people
actually enjoy the company of others they can commiserate with one another. This leads to a circle of reinforcing
depressing views and such where depressed people get even more depressed by
virtue of who they hang out with.

Happy people, by contrast, tend to
generally associate themselves with other happy people. And happiness is contagious. So this yields to a virtuous circle of the
happy people getting even happier because of who they choose to hang out with.

U following
my logic???

So … does
that mean we live in two worlds of happy and unhappy people? my guess is that in some ways we do. Pods of people form in various cliques …
some of them around happy and unhappy lines. Now people can transcend these labels – families have their own pods as
well as sports teams (where criteria of the pod is based on something other
than friendship), but often people of relative happiness stick together.  At least this is my theory. And this being so even though happiness is
not based on social economic status (there are a lot of unhappy rich people
too), gender, or race.