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Thoughts on happiness …

Here’s a random thought….

Depressed people tend to make those
around them more depressed. Essentially,
being around depressed people is depressing. Happy people don’t like hanging out w depressed people. Happy people tend to disassociate themselves
from complainers. And depressed people
actually enjoy the company of others they can commiserate with one another. This leads to a circle of reinforcing
depressing views and such where depressed people get even more depressed by
virtue of who they hang out with.

Happy people, by contrast, tend to
generally associate themselves with other happy people. And happiness is contagious. So this yields to a virtuous circle of the
happy people getting even happier because of who they choose to hang out with.

U following
my logic???

So … does
that mean we live in two worlds of happy and unhappy people? my guess is that in some ways we do. Pods of people form in various cliques …
some of them around happy and unhappy lines. Now people can transcend these labels – families have their own pods as
well as sports teams (where criteria of the pod is based on something other
than friendship), but often people of relative happiness stick together.  At least this is my theory. And this being so even though happiness is
not based on social economic status (there are a lot of unhappy rich people
too), gender, or race.

book: Juice

Juice: The Creative Fuel That Drives World-Class Inventors by Evan Schwartz

Summation: if you are wondering what makes inventors tick or if you fancy yourself as an inventor, check out this book.   Schwartz is brilliant and this book is a must read for any inventor of paradigm-changer.