Monthly Archives: January 2008

airplanes are an efficient place to read

I always try to do the most efficient thing I can do in any location. On airplanes, reading is the most efficient thing to do. Sleeping on airplanes in almost always sub-optimal. Working on the laptop is good (no interruptions) but still doesn’t hold a candle to reading. There is almost no plane I get more reading done on an airplane.

My strategy for a flight is like many travelers I know … first I stock up on all the magazines I haven’t read and a I pack a really heavy bag. I try to also bring a few books along. On the place I devour the magazines first the lessen my weight and then I move to the books … always leaving behind what I finish (United Airlines has had dozens of books donated to it by me over the years).

(I’ve also found that a shady place on the beach is a fantastic place to read … I had time to experience this over the holidays … there is probably no greater vacation for me than reading under a palm tree on a hot day.)

book: The Great Game

The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk.

This is a fantastic history of Afghanistan in the 1800s and the cold war that Russia and Great Britain played with each other for influence there. This book is full with amazing spy stories, daring adventurers, intrigue, deception, and more. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to get a better handle on what went on with Russia and Great Britain at the time … and to anyone that wants to have a better understanding of Central Asia.

book: The End of Medicine

The End of Medicine by Andy Kessler.

Andy Kessler continues to be a smart, witty, and captivating writer of technology and current events. In the End of Medicine, Kessler gives us an insight to what is going on with U.S. healthcare (and its soaring costs), and the new developments in medicine, pharma, and biotech.