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Eric Engel, my good high school friend, recently starred in a short movie that won Best Screenplay and Best Movie in the 48 Hour Film Project in Boston (Eric plays th CTO of a failed Internet company). It is amazing what people can put together in just 2 days.

The movie might take a long time to download (it is 25MB), but it is worth viewing.

Eric writes:

As you may know, I was in a short film last month as part of the 48 Hour Film Project ( Well, we won both Best Screenplay and Best Movie!

The task was to make a movie, from scratch, in 48 hours. Each team picked a genre (ours was mockumentary) out of a hat at 7pm on a Friday, and was told to incorporate three things into their movie – a sled, a Boston landmark, and a psychic named Bill Lattell – other than that there were no rules. We then had to concept, write, cast, costume, secure locations, film, score, edit, and deliver the final cut by 7pm on Sunday. This was a test of speed and ability to make a quality piece with very limited editing, sound, effects, etc., which you just don’t have much time for in 48 hours. Normally one would take weeks to produce a film of this length!

We now go on to the finals – an international competition taking place in Austin, TX in March.

If you would like to watch the movie, it is available at Note that it is pretty big (25MB) and you may need to upgrade to the newest version of Quicktime ( to view it.

Social Software Weblog

The Social Software Weblog

Jason McCabe Calacanis’s weblog on social networks software is the most comprehensive news site on the industry … period.

i’ve recently got turned on to the the site but now i will be sure to read it every day. Calacanis gives very detailed information and he is remarkably accurate and informed with rumors in the space.

Monster To Debut Networking For Job Seekers

Monster To Debut Networking For Job Seekers

I know this is old news for many of you, but is going to soon add social networking to its offering. Of course, I think they should just buy Ryze.

Over the last five years, I have had many discussions with the folks at Monster (and some of their competitors) about promoting social networking. I’m a big fan of Monster and I hope they are successful with this.