BusinessWeek Article on Boards and Advisory Boards

I recently wrote the following article in BusinessWeek (Aug 6, 2003 edition):

Going by the Board
The advice, experience, and perspectives of seasoned directors and advisers are blessings smart startups should cultivate and cherish

1 thought on “BusinessWeek Article on Boards and Advisory Boards

  1. Alex Panelli

    I just read your article about Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. It was very timely (personally speaking). We have been having a debate amongst the directors for about two months now. I am in favor of setting up a BOA; your article helped me get the others to agree to it in concept.
    I really like your advice about tightly bounding the activities of Advisors so that the company’s needs don’t become a time-sink.
    Alex Panelli
    Vice President – Sales & Marketing
    Trilibis, Inc.


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