Search results leading to Summation

Sometimes I wonder where the readers of Summation are coming from. Many random readers come from search engines where they search for keywords and arrive here. In July, the top keyword searches yielding page views at Summation were:

Top 20 of 381 Total Search Strings
#HitsSearch String
19013.37%auren hoffman
3213.12%silicon forum
4111.63%slayton capital
6 91.34%clarium capital
7 91.34%steve vachani
8 91.34%summations
960.89%get a free house
106 0.89%stonebrick group
1150.74%gregory slayton
1250.74%how to get a free house
1440.59%andrei cherny
1540.59%auren hoffman stonebrick
1640.59%eileen tso
1740.59%hawaii superferry
1840.59%iggy ioppe
1940.59%joel hornstein
2040.59%mark gerson

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