Do You Have a Bizarro?

Do you have a bizarro?

A couple of years back i had an eVite bizarro. eVite is a service that people use to invite you to parties and then you can RSVP to them effectively.

I kept going to parties and “Ron Abta” would always RSVP to them. I kept seeing his name and wondered who he was. Then I started going to parties and asking if he was there. Invariably I’d get a response like “he’s in the living room” and then I’d make my way to the living room and I’d get “he already left.” I started thinking that maybe this Ron Abta guy didn’t exist.

Well … soon enough, Ron heard I was doing this at parties and he started doing it to — asking people if they saw “Auren Hoffman”. We went six months like that before finally meeting (and then I introduced him to Arinel’s — the best pizza in San Francisco)…

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