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Scott Bonds — I Want to Work at EA

I Want to Work at EA: Games 411

Scott Bonds — one of my oldest friends (since 1993) — has published a site called “I want to work at EA”. Unlike many job seekers that try to be overly opportunistic, Scott has honed exactly the type of job that he wants … and he has built a successful blog with large readership.

assuming scott is successful (i am sure he will be — he is one of the most talented people i know), look for more people to copy his job searching technique.

Monster To Debut Networking For Job Seekers

Monster To Debut Networking For Job Seekers

I know this is old news for many of you, but is going to soon add social networking to its offering. Of course, I think they should just buy Ryze.

Over the last five years, I have had many discussions with the folks at Monster (and some of their competitors) about promoting social networking. I’m a big fan of Monster and I hope they are successful with this.

College Graduates

How many college graduates do you know?

If you are a college graduate, most of your friends are also probably college graduates…

But 75% of Americans over age 25 have never received their bachelors degree. that means only 25% have (i learned that math in college).

but ask yourself — how many people over age 25 do you know that do not have a college degree…

especially in towns like San Francisco (SF has the second highest, after Seattle, percentage of people with 4-year college degrees) … most college grads only know other college grads …

Books: Corps Business : The 30 Management Principles of the U.S. Marines

Books: Corps Business : The 30 Management Principles of the U.S. Marines by David H. Freedman

I read this book on the plane back from Tbilisi — initially i wasn’t expecting much but i found the book refreshingly interesting.

The book was given to me by Leslie Smith who had to read the book when she was at business school at Whorton (and actually participated in a Marine-lite boot camp). she highly recommended the book.

for a quick read with some very good lessons about leadership, motivating people, recruiting, and more — you might want to pick up this book.