Robin Wolaner publishes blog

Robin Wolaner publishes her new blog on her book (due in March 2005), Naked in the Boardroom.

Robin lives in SF and was the founder of Parenting Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Robin Wolaner publishes blog

  1. Jori Ross

    Hi Robin, tried to email you at an old address which didn’t get to you. Hope you are well. Congratulations on your many successes. Our 30th reunion passed me by I didn’t recognize 1 name on the rsvp list. My neice just moved o ut to SF (Kate Israel) . I gave her your name to network. Hope that is ok, I didn’t have your phone or address. But I took the liberty of our old and cherished friendship of a lifetime ago. Hope to hear from you. Be well. Will catch up with a more private contact. Regards. Jori


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