Why a college degree does not means as much as people think

Getting a college degree is not truly necessary and employers should stop requiring them for most jobs.

Most jobs that require a college degree only do so because so many people go to college nowadays and employers just use it as an easy way of discriminating in-favor of the "motivated". You don’t really need a college agree to be a city clerk or a salesperson or even a software developer.

Among my circles the common question is "where did you go to college?" not "did you go to college?"

yes, a degree from a good school proves that you’re smart and can be a good ticket. But other than that, how essential is college? — especially if it is not from one of the most prestigious schools?

most things you learn in college you could learn on your own, or by taking a class or a seminar, or by joining a study group … or just by reading a book or looking it up on the Internet …

yes, college is essential if you want to be a professor and it is necessary if you want to go to grad school (though I would agree that most masters degrees are unnecessary as well)

the college experience is very important in developing people socially and increasing maturity — and also helping increase our drinking skills. But that is only true for the more elite 4-year universities — not commuter schools where most people get their degrees. couldn’t two years of national community service be much better for most people?

skills are important to learn: nursing, mechanics, dry wall, sales, putting together my computer, writing … all those things would give people a much better living then the typical college degree does

best education I ever got was the training I got on a summer job I had right after my senior year in high school. I went door to door for the environment asking for money. I learned how to make a sale in 6 seconds. You can’t learn that at no college … we don’t need no education …

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  1. Degree Man

    People who do not have college degrees seem to have an inferiority complex. I guess if you do not have a college degree you can compare yourself to Bill Gates, after all he is a genius and so are you.

  2. Term papers

    Well said !!! I guess sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction !!! But sometimes the degree is little necessary, because when you apply for the multi-national company so they strictly require your resume and documents . . . . .


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