Best of Summation for 2004

In case you’re a normal person (i.e., not my mom) and don’t read Summation daily, you might have missed something worthwhile posted here (though very doubtful). i’ve listed the 15 most visited Summation posts of 2004 (from the most visited to least visited):

How San Franciscans and New Yorkers Differ (apr 09 04)

Monitoring the Ukraine Presidential Election (nov 03 04)

What would happen if Roe v Wade got overturned? (Jul 15 04)

Howard Dean is (feb 04 04)

Is Bill Clinton a Good Politician? (July 27 04)

The Blessed Class – is it immoral to be unhappy? (apr 16 04)

Determining the market cap of a person (oct 23 04)

Why America is like my cleaning lady (mar 28 04)

Intellectual Sabbaticals: An Entrepreneurial Alternative (dec 9 04)

LinkedIn data analysis (feb 15 04)

Nine Months of Search Engine Data of My GoogleNumber (sep 11 04)

Boycott Leap Year (feb 24 04)

Why a college degree does not means as much as people think (nov 25, 2004)

Big Time and Little Time (jul 08 04)

My Rules for Living (dec 21 04)

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