Brondell 600

Yes … i’m blogging about a toilet seat. Yes, i know …

600tI have been using the Brondell Swash 600 for a few weeks now and I’m having a hard time leaving the bathroom. The Brondell Swash 600 is my new favorite place to catch up on reading.

This thing is not just any toilet seat – the Brondell Swash 600 is a bidet with a heated seat, posterior and feminine warm-water wash, germ resistant seat, warm-air dryer, and a remote control. As Howard Dean would say … “yeaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

This is the first product of the Silicon Valley 100 which I will be blogging about in the future. I got the Brondell for free and there is no way I initially would have paid the hundreds of dollars for it. But after using for a month, I now need to have it and would gladly pay for it. My guess is that the Starbucks set of Americans will all be clamoring for bidets in 10 years time ….

7 thoughts on “Brondell 600

  1. Auren Hoffman is a prick

    Quoth Auren in today’s Chronicle: “The city will spend millions of dollars doing job training to get somebody an entry-level job at PG&E, which is the closest thing to jail you can find in the job market. Why not issue get-out-of- regulation-free cards to encourage people to start their own businesses, even if it’s something as simple as selling their artwork on the sidewalk or selling sodas in the financial district?”
    Wonderful idea. Rather than getting someone a job where they might get some training and perhaps embark on a long-term blue-collar career, we should have them set up a lemonade stand at Union Square like an 8-year old.
    Auren, you are an arrogant prick and everyone knows it. You are the last person in the world who understands poverty. Why don’t you use your privileged place in the world to do something other than shameless self-promotion?

  2. Nouveau - Interesting New Stuff

    The Silicon Valley 100 – Truth

    I was honored to be chosen as a member of the Silicon Valley 100. The Silicon 100 is a group of folks that my friend Auren Hoffman put together. As covered in yesterday’s Newsweek article, The Connected Get More Connected, the members of the Silicon …

  3. Auren Hoffman

    I was actually misquoted on the above piece in Chron. But overall, it is a good piece about SF. SF, unfortunately, does not innovate enough. the city is generally too scared of trying new ideas … which is odd because it is surrounded by Silicon Valley which is defined by its risk takers.

  4. SFist

    Have You Swashed Your Bum Today?

    There is a member of the SFist staff who is so crazily germ-phobic that he has not made physical contact with a toilet seat in 18 years. It is therefore entirely appropriate that he was among the SFisters dispatched to meet with the froods at Brondell…

  5. SiliconBeat

    Cuban invests in San Francisco toilet-seat maker

    Mark Cuban, the wealthy Texan who sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in 1999, has reached out to Silicon Valley and invested in Brondell, a manufacturer of Japanese-style toilets that wash your derriere with all kinds of delicate sprays (see…

  6. Coaster

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