Chris Michel — CEO and photographer

Chris Michel is CEO of (now a part of Monster) and is a great guy. Recently i found out he’s also a world class photographer (see his portfolio). His true passion, he tells me, is taking candid portraits…

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  1. Julie Quilliam

    for yr 12 studio art this year, i’m basing my theme on kids in PNG, having been a kid who grew up in ESP. i was wondering if i could use you as an ‘artist of inspiration’, since photos of yours make me do exactly what i want to get people doing through my art, make people think + remember about their own childhood.
    would i be able to use a few photo’s of yours of national kids doing everyday things, climbing trees, playing cards for rubber bands, that sort of thing. also would you be able to include info such as which province they’re from?
    thanks so much for your time,
    Julie Quilliam


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