SprintPCS Girl … I love you

I’m in love with SprintPCS Girl … you know who I’m talking about … don’t deny it …

She’s the one that chimes in right before you leave a message on someone’s voice mail. She has such a sultry voice: “To leave a voice message, press one or just wait for the tone …”

Wow. I’m breathless every time I hear that soft voice.

And sometimes I cannot decide what to do. All the options are so good. I could just wait for the tone. That’s always really nice. And I can try to go extra long and press “#” after my message to review my options. Or I can go for a quickie and just press “2” to send a numeric page.

So many choices … so little time

She’s got so much more class Verizon Girl. And T-Mobile Girl is just too easy. Cingular Girl is boring — too businesslike for me. SprintPCS Girl — just right …

(disclaimer: this blog was posted at 1am … after the censors have gone to bed …)

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