Evite people and evite etiquette

There are two types of people in this world:

1. People who respond quickly to evites — replying with a “yes/no/maybe” immediately
2. People who keep checking the evite daily … weighing their options … mulling it over … and finally deciding to never respond

Ever send out an evite? As the sender, you can see when someone looks at the evite. Sometimes I’ll see that someone looked at an evite multiple times but still not respond. What gives?

There is such a thing as evite etiquette. If someone is kind enough to send you an invite to their birthday party, a gallery opening they are having, etc. you should be kind enough to respond right away with a “yes”, a “no”, or at least a “maybe”. If you are truly not sure or have trouble making decisions then reply with a “maybe”. That’s much better than the I-looked-at-the-evite-but-will-pretend-that-i-never-saw-it routine ….

4 thoughts on “Evite people and evite etiquette

  1. hunter

    okay, Evite should add a sender-option to have your invite expire after a certain period of time (or number of recipient log-ins) – that would force a response 🙂

  2. pc4media

    Evite Etiquette

    Auren Hoffman riffs on people that don’t respond to evites. I’ve had this conversation about 50 times, for obvious reasons, as you could imagine. Soon, I’ll be glad to announce that we’ll have new tracking capabilities that’ll make it even

  3. Dave McClure

    there are really only 2 kinds of people in the world:
    1) those that separate people into 2 kinds of people, and
    2) those who don’t 😉

  4. Kal

    What about inviting more people, perhaps people you know but the host may not? How many is too many?


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