Power verses Integrity

Power is like cottage cheese — it has an expiration date. Integrity is like a Twinkie — if you maintain your consistency it can last forever. Do you want to be a Twinkie or cottage cheese?

1 thought on “Power verses Integrity

  1. Shannon Clark

    Auren – twinkies do, perhaps surprisingly, have an expiration date, and it is actually rather surprisingly short. They are deliberately stale when made, but do get bad. (I know this because when I was young my father was, in fact, the head of R&D for the parent company which owned Hostess at the time – his job included improving Twinkies, adding/removing vitamins from Wonder Bread, and creating new flavors of fruit pies).
    However on a well more “serious” note… some data: http://www.twinkiesproject.com/index.html
    a “classic” paper: http://iparrizar.stcloudstate.edu/~juan/twinkie-torture/procedure.html


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