COW: NetVibes

Summation Company of the Week: NetVibes

Greg Narain turned me on to Netvibes … and this is a cool site!

you know MyYahoo, MSFT’s new, and Google’s personalized page … all trying to get you to make them your home page.

now they have competition from a little French company which, from what i can tell, is just two really-smart entrepreneurs who have already translated Netvibe into 8 languages … including Croatian …

of all the homepages proliferating, Netvibes and Microsoft Start’s are the prettiest … and the most useful. both are easily customizable (the Netvibes page is a great use of AJAX). amazingly, Google is behind here. (i expect that won’t last long as Google can play catch-up rather quickly)

and there is no doubt they are on to something … they have turned me into a big fan…