Book: PayPal Wars

ThepaypalwarsOk … I know, I finally read PayPal Wars by Eric Jackson. Great book.

Eric (who I don’t know) sent me the book right when it came out but in languished on my shelf until I saw it again last month and devouring it in a few weeks. PayPal Wars is a great book about a great company and a great team. If your lame like me and somehow missed reading this book when it came out, I highly suggest it (unfortunately, this book is not available on Audible, so you’ll have to read it).

This is an inspiring story of some great entrepreneurs (note: I’m biased, many of PayPal’s founders are friends of mine). And Jackson is a great writer … he keeps the story moving very well.

summation: read this story of an amazing company that survived the dotcom boom and reinvented online payments

3 thoughts on “Book: PayPal Wars

  1. DaveMc500Hats

    Eric is an amazing guy… i don’t always agree with his politics (in fact usually never except for our libertarian common ground), but aside from the fact we argued politics a lot we enjoyed fighting the good fight at PayPal for several years.
    Eric, along with Peter, Max, Sacks, Roelof, Reid, and many, many talented geeks & other folks made PayPal a fantastic place to be during the post-boom years. Kudos to Eric for getting the story together from all the PayPal founders & friends.
    – dave mcclure

  2. Matte J

    PayPal is designed to rip you off and make sure poor PPL without bank accounts cannot buy on the internet. You must have a verifible debit/ credit card from a bonafied bank. Pre-paid gift VISA’S are not accepted, or you can buy a “DOT Card” from Walmart for a huge fee. What a SCAM! I don’t know about fighting PayPal over issues b/c I am poor and I am not even allowed to use thier service. PayPal represents everything that is wrong with America.


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