Monthly Archives: October 2005

The Monster is a Mouse

Scott Kirsner writes a great column in today’s Boston Globe:
It’s a scary time for
(two small quotes from me in the article)

with the advent of meta listings sites (like SimplyHired) and more proactive candidate push sites (like WooMeNow and TheLadders) Monster is becomming less relevant to the passive job seeker.

and new services like H3 and KarmaOne are attracting the passive jobseeker that Monster has never been able to get its hands on.

COW: NetVibes

Summation Company of the Week: NetVibes

Greg Narain turned me on to Netvibes … and this is a cool site!

you know MyYahoo, MSFT’s new, and Google’s personalized page … all trying to get you to make them your home page.

now they have competition from a little French company which, from what i can tell, is just two really-smart entrepreneurs who have already translated Netvibe into 8 languages … including Croatian …

of all the homepages proliferating, Netvibes and Microsoft Start’s are the prettiest … and the most useful. both are easily customizable (the Netvibes page is a great use of AJAX). amazingly, Google is behind here. (i expect that won’t last long as Google can play catch-up rather quickly)

and there is no doubt they are on to something … they have turned me into a big fan…