Monthly Archives: October 2005

Book: Moneyball

Full_imageAlong with many other people, Mark Gerson from Gerson Lehrman Group suggested i read Moneyball. He said it was one of the best business books ever written. it took me a while, but i completely agree.

Read/listen: Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis

by now you’re read all the reviews and heard about this book from countless friends … but don’t do what i did … i thought i got the jist of it from the reviews. not true. this book is well worth it. and it is also available on Audible (good choice).

Book: Theodore Rex

ImagesTheodore Rex by Edmund Morris

I’ve always wanted to read this book and finally got around to it — and it is a great Audible book to download. Teddy Roosevelt (along with Martin Luther King and Alexander Hamilton) is one of my real heroes. And while my opinion of Hamilton went down after going through the recent Chernow biography, after reading Theodore Rex, my opinion of Roosevelt actually rose.

This was a great man, a man of adventure, and a man who focused on doing what’s right. Unfortunately, the book only really focused on his presidency … his rise to the presidency was extremely uncharacteristic and his post-President seems to be a bit of a downer on his reputation.

COW: MusicPlasma

another cool web site: MusicPlasma (referred to me by Bree Humphries)

they build an interactive map of the “world” of any artist, actor, movie, director, etc. as you may have guessed from my past postings, i am fascinated with the worlds of people, things, and ideas. how everything fits together.

the idea from MusicPlasma is that you can mark an item as a favorite (like Digg) … and build out your own world eventually… stay tuned on more innovation like this.

COW: Meebo

Company of the week: Meebo is cool. I like Meebo.

For those of you who don’t know, Meebo is web-based way for you to access your favorite IM. Traveling in Bhutan and headed to a local Internet café but still want to use IM? No problem … just log into Meebo and IM away. You can use AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, etc. … what you normally use.

Amazingly enough, Meebo is the first AJAX-based way to IM — I actually can’t believe no one has implemented it yet (tough I bet Google will be launching it soon).

Meebo just launched and I spent some time with its CEO, Seth Sternberg (who is a still second yr business school student at Stanford). I am impressed with his vision of where the company needs to move forward … and it sounds like they have two really hot-shot AJAX engineers that have built the application.

They are based in Palo Alto and I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from them soon.

The Monster is a Mouse

Scott Kirsner writes a great column in today’s Boston Globe:
It’s a scary time for
(two small quotes from me in the article)

with the advent of meta listings sites (like SimplyHired) and more proactive candidate push sites (like WooMeNow and TheLadders) Monster is becomming less relevant to the passive job seeker.

and new services like H3 and KarmaOne are attracting the passive jobseeker that Monster has never been able to get its hands on.