Book: The Singularity is Near

Rotatingbook So … i finally got through this book.   before i say more: Read this.   you’ll be enlightened, scared, happy, motivated, and looking forward to living forever. 

The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

many months ago, Renee Blodgett sent me this book.   Renee is a PR star and she does PR for Kurzweil.   she does a great job because i would have never read the book if she did not ask me to and either would all the others

but i’m glad i did.   this is one of the most thought-provoking books i have read in the last 5 years.   it is big, fat, weighty, long, and has an ugly cover.   but you should still read it.   it is extremely powerful.

i won’t re-review it (there are some terrific reviews at Amazon) — it did inspire my post The Council of Elders — but take my word for it and read it over …

2 thoughts on “Book: The Singularity is Near

  1. Mark Wilson

    Howdy. I googled “brown shoes and black belt” and stumbled into your site.
    I’ve got Zakaria’s book and I’ve read Bernard Lewis’s book.
    That’s an impressive list. I see the challenge in being able to synthesize what you’ve read and being able to recall it when it’s applicable. Also… going back to books you’ve read to discover aspects you may have missed the first time through.
    If I could recommend one book, it would be “A Conflict Of Visions” by Thomas Sowell.
    Best to you,


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