Introducing Cherno Jobatey

Hoffman_auren_u_jobatey_cherno_steamboat last night i got a few friend together in SF to meet Cherno Jobatey.

I met Cherno in August in the badlands of North Dakota and we became fast friends.   besides being one of the most well-known newscasters in Germany, Cherno is also incredibly interesting and friendly.   

Cherno is the anchor of the top-rated morning show in Germany on ZDF German television (one mutual friend said that "Cherno is the Matt Lauer of Germany" … but Cherno has a lot more hair).   he’s one of the only non-white newscasters in Germany and he has a great personality to fit his big shoes.

normally in Berlin, Cherno was in the US briefly to report on CES and Macworld.   

Cherno hadn’t had a chance to meet a lot of tech entrepreneurs and VCs before.   so we had a great 12-person dinner with Renee Blodgett, Saar Gur, Torsten Jacobi, Uwe Maurer, Patrick McKenna, Eve Phillips, Aydin Senkut, Seth Sternberg, Brad Stone, and Chris Tolles.

find out more about Cherno Jobatey: (English) (German)

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