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Meebo is growing incredibly fast. I mentioned them in October when they were first starting.

i heard that yesterday they had over 300,000 logins … in one day! during that day they sent almost 9 million messages (implying almost 18 million carried). wow.

this is from a site that hasn’t yet done anything to market itself and has no viral component (yet). what does this mean? it means that Meebo has a compelling product that people really love. i mean really love.

rumor is that Meebo‘s traffic is growing at over 10%/week. if that’s true then Meebo should reach a hundred million messages carried in about 19 weeks (which would be May 31). will they do it? stay tuned and let’s check back then….

(full disclosure: i am a Meebo investor)

5 thoughts on “Meebo stats

  1. Patrick Lightbody

    Any idea why such a rapid growth? I tried using it and was frustrated that it wouldn’t remember my passwords. I prefer to use gaim on my multiple PCs, and the biggest problem I have with it is that my chat history is stored locally, so it gets fragmented. What is it that brings so many people to Meebo?

  2. Auren Hoffman

    meebo seems to be the very best service for web-based IM. web-based is still not perfect but if you are a high-school student who lives on IM … you want a good web-based system when you are in school (and cannot use an IM client).

  3. Patrick Lightbody

    Makes sense. I’d even use it myself if remembered my passwords, kept a searchable history of all my chats, and could somehow be “popped” out of the browser (when I use meebo I always accidentally close it). Perhaps a web-start Java app that renders it’s own IE browser internally. That would be _really_ slick, since it would act like a full fledged IM client, but still be accessible on the web, and of course have the server-side chat log support.

  4. Cem Sertoglu

    I am a trillian user but i like the in-browser experience that meebo offers. i wish it would store my login information so i would not have to enter it every time.


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