Cullinane & Green Report podcast

Joe Cullinane and Roger Green have a great podcast called the Cullinane & Green Report.

they take a step down today to interview me in their newest podcast.
Hear interview with Auren Hoffman

1 thought on “Cullinane & Green Report podcast

  1. ben casnocha

    Good interview! Insightful. One thing, though: the point about rather talking to the busboy at a restaurant instead of Richard Branson strikes me as a little disingenuous. Sure, the busboy may have an interesting story, but it’s probably far less interesting than other people in the room.
    I share your opinion that you want to reach out to people you can help, but I don’t believe that, by definition, someone richer/more famous than you means they will always help more. I may not be able to offer big shot CEO new contacts or breakthrough insights on his business, but I *am* able to offer a perspective he hasn’t heard before. Novel perspectives count for a lot nowadays.


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