Book: Executive Intelligence

Executive Intelligence by Justin Menkes was a book that came highly recommended by Andrew Frame (CEO of Ooma). 

I’m a huge fan of Andrew’s so I took his recommendation seriously and read it right away.    the book is a fast read so it is a good information to time ratio (which is how i judge most books).    it has one key concept:   hire critical thinkers to your organization.   it is pretty simple but powerful and important and Menkes makes a good case while interviewing many successful CEOs.

overall: the book is good and you can probably read the entire thing in 2 hours — so you might want to just borrow it from a friend (i left my copy on an airplane or i’d lend you mine).

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    Strongly disagree with recent Frame comment to find the very best, then do what it takes to get them. People make or break…yes. But, cherry-picking the best, then sticking them all together to create some super firm doesn’t work for several reasons. Doesn’t work in sports, either. This is actually old thinking that’s been dismantled over the years. Perhaps it comes from thinking that good people are good, so more of them is great. There are a lot interesting reasons the team won’t produce exponential results. Been there, done that. Thanks for letting me comment.


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