Book: On Intelligence

On Intelligence by Jeff HawkinsBook

I got this book with great anticipation as I’m really interested in the brain and the mind.   Unfortunately, the book was a bit of a let-down for me.   It was overly technical in some parts.   In other parts of the book, it essentially re-hashed some of the more popular books on the subject.   

There is no doubt that awkins is extremely smart … and I have a lot of respect for him … but if you’re debating whether to read this book and you’re not a neuroscientist, you might want to skip it and just read the reviews and notes.

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  1. Ben Casnocha

    Brain and mind is indeed fascinating. Steven Pinker’s BLank Slate is must-read.
    I found Hawkins lucid, but as you say, it could probably be captured in a few succinct paragraphs for the lay reader.


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