business model patents

My patent application was approved today.   i’m really excited.   now i can sue someone.  oh yeah.

i got the patent on the business model of suing other people who violate patents.

that’s right.   i have patented the very profitable business process of patenting an obvious business model and then suing companies that have something close to that model.   kind of like what MercExchange is doing to eBay — suing for the "Buy Me Now" button because they somehow got a business-model patent.  did you know someone has actually patented peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches?   and my favorite patent is paw-watches — wrist-watches for dogs.

so with my new business-model patent on "suing companies for violating business-model patents"… that means i can sue any business-model patent holder that sues another company.    i’m gonna make a fortune…

4 thoughts on “business model patents

  1. Chris Yeh

    Cease and desist! I just got the patent on patenting the business model patent business model.
    Whew, say that one fast three times!

  2. Zoli's Blog

    Patent Ransom – Take #2

    Auren Hoffman got the patent on the business model of suing others who violate patents. Or something like that. But he may be late, since <a href="http://c

  3. hunter

    Chris –
    I’ve patented the concept of “method and system for composing slighly humorous but really obvious web-based comments in response to a an original post” so it seems that you just violated my IP.


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