Rapleaf hiring Community Marketing person

Rapleaf is looking for someone to head up Community Marketing.
this is the new company I am running now.

About the company:

Rapleaf is a consumer Internet start-up. We are not yet public with
what we are doing but it is something to do with reputation. We are
very small — we are two people right now and currently hiring three

Our goal: to make it more profitable to be ethical

The role:

– you will be doing community marketing

– working with blogs, forums, and online communities

– outward face of the company in many meetings

– doing a fair amount of customer interaction and customer service


– you should have a strong desire to build a more ethical society

– intensely driven and proactive person

– extremely hard working. This is a start-up. We work 80 hour weeks – you should too.

– understand blogs, online forums, and communities of people online — your job will be to interact with these communities

– understand the internet well. Early adopter. you are familiar
with sites like flickr, delicious, MySpace, SimplyHired, Yelp, Digg,
YouTube, and others.
– quick learner and real doer (and you err on execution over strategy)

– smart at marketing

– quick writer   

– you can deal with hundreds of emails a day.   you can maintain thousands of conversations at once.

– people like you and like working with you (we’ll require at least a dozen references)

– you are proactive and do not complain

– you thrive on chaos, risk, and uncertainty

– we’re willing to prioritize motivation over experience. And we’re
willing to take a risk on someone who does not have Community Marketing
experience or even consumer Internet experience.
– should be easy to get along with, nice, fun, smart, ethical, and low-maintenance

– did we mention that this person should be proactive?


– you should be located somewhere in the SF Bay Area. No office yet
but we will be opening one in San Francisco. Even willing to consider
people who want to live outside the bay area


– high cash comp or high equity — we are willing to pay for the best talent

We’re only looking for people that really want to change the world.



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