Book: Takedown

055352883101_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_Takedown : The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire
by Rick Cowan

This is a riveting audiobook (and available on Audible). really enjoyed it. true story about a New York City police officer that goes undercover for three years in the early 1990s to break-up the mafia’s garbage cartel. this a can’t-put-me-down book … and well worth the read. and if you get the audiobook (as i did) the narrator, Christopher Meloni, does a great job with all the New-Yawk voices.

detective Cowan ultimately lead to over 50 convictions and the elimination of one of the mafia’s most profitable lines of business.

summation: a great book about the lack of competition and one’s man’s mission (with a great team behind him) to bring New Yorkers and better deal.

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