Open Source Good

This is a blog about good. Good people with a lot of potential to do good things.

My theory is that there are forces of “total evil” and forces of “total good.” these forces organize and make create change — sometimes it is bad (evil people), sometimes wonderful (good people).

Bad people have been, in the past, much better organized than good people. I also believe that most people are good (or at least lean good) and a few people are really bad.

Ok … has this blog been overly simplistic yet??? Here comes more …

Total evil in the world is already massively exploited. Though there is always latent evil to be tapped (think Rwanda 1994 or Germany 1938 or al Qaeda today), much of it is tapped. Evil people tend to do evil things.

This has not historically been true with good people. Since most people are good at their core (my postulation), they tend to live nice lives but often are not so motivated to do massively good deeds. But Good is an incredibly untapped resource. Yes, very untapped.

There are so many good CPUs which are underutilized … and the potential to utilize them (like the SETI project) is huge.

And more and more things are making it easier for people to be good and do good. And to even do good in a grand way. It is easy to contribute to massive society projects today (think wikipedia) or give little rewards when those around you do little good (think Rapleaf) or collaborate with people around the world to tutor needy students in mathematics.

So: because of this trend, I think it is quite likely that good will win more battles over evil in the future. And so, chances are that the future will be bright.

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