Elizabeth Hart from Cornish & Carey is a great salesperson

So like every person running a business, I get a lot of salespeople calling me. sometimes they are recruiters … or people trying to sell me Internet hosting … or financial services … or commercial space … or, when i walk home at night in San Francisco, i even get people trying to sell me illicit drugs…

i actually like salespeople (for a long time, i was a salesperson)

of course, like every entrepreneur in this frothy market, we get VCs making sales calls … i wrote about that a few weeks ago in a tale of two VCs

so it was my pleasure that I got a cold sales email from Elizabeth Hart (Liz Hart) from Cornish & Carey (a commercial real estate firms helping companies find space) today. she gave me permission to republish her email to me here:


After reading, Tale of 2 VCs I am aware that you receive many unsolicited emails, so I’ll attempt to make mine brief and quasi-interesting.

I focus on the real estate needs of growing technology companies and have read very positive things about RapLeaf in the various tech blogs. (By the way, great job campaigning AGAINST yourself on Valleywag). I signed up for RapLeaf today and have been bumping around the site. I can definitely see the benefit to something like this, but have a few comments about how to make it more accessible to non-tech people (like myself). The benefits of a service like this would be fantastic tool for my career, because so many of my prospects would be interested in hearing about my reputation in an easy and accessible way.

Would you be interested in meeting for coffee sometime? I’d love to chat about RapLeaf and see what’s going on with your office real estate on Mission Street. If the thought of talking real estate bores you.. I love to read and was a political science major at CAL, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot in common.

Hope to hear from you soon,


(first stop coincidently is someone you know – Stewart Alsop. I just finished his deal in the North Waterfront for Alsop Louie.)

of course, we can’t use Liz right now (we’re in an office that we love and we’re not moving for a long while) … but i am going to when we do look for bigger office space. and i am going to recommend her to others … because she’s a great salesperson (who sends great cold emails) and she makes the sales target feel very special.

summation: hire Liz Hart from CORNISH & CAREY COMMERCIAL.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hart from Cornish & Carey is a great salesperson

  1. Stewart Alsop

    I grant you that Liz is a great salesperson (and a pleasure to work with in finding our office in Levi’s Plaza), I have a hard time agreeing that you are no longer a salesman, Auren! 🙂


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