don’t add water … ubiquity of Campbell’s soup

Warholcampbell_soup1screenprint1968Ever prepare a can of soup on your stove top on a cold and rainy day? of course you have (unless you live on the equator where it is never cold but always rainy … or on the north pole where it is always cold but never rainy) …

Think of the time you prepared one of those high-end cans of soup … the kind (like Chunky, Marie Calendar’s, Wolfgang Puck’s, Progresso) that cost $2-3 a can at the local Safeway (or $8-9 a can at the local Whole Foods). What is the first thing that these cans tell you????? …

“Do not add water”

Yeah. But why do they say that? when you get a can on tuna does it say “do not add water?” nope.

The reason, of course, is Campbell’s. Campbell’s soups have become so ubiquitous that we assume we should add water.

It would make Andy Warhol proud …

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