meebo has over 500,000 user accounts

This week meebo announced its 500,000th user account. and that is doubly amazing since you do not need to have a user account to use meebo.

congrats to elaine, sandy, seth, and the rest of the team.

when i invested in meebo i had no idea it would be this big. i loved the team (the three founders are incredible and are model entrepreneurs) but i don’t think i really understood the potential. meebo is an amazing company.

here are some stats on their usage from their blog:

How many times do people login every single day? 950,000!! You may ask how many of those are “unique?” About 670,000. It turns out most of you happen to log in about 1.4 times per day. Oh, and here’s another interesting one… how many network accounts do you all log in with on average? Also 1.4…which means 1.35 million network ID are logged in daily.

Over 3.5 million unique individuals log into meebo every month, and on a daily basis you’re all sending and receiving a mere 57,000,000 messages. If you aggregate all of the time everyone spends in meebo on a daily basis? 64,000,000 minutes which calculates to approximately 122 years! WOW! (click here to see a graph) It turns out you’re all sending and receiving a message just about once/minute, and you’re staying on meebo an average of 70 minutes/session. Those are some pretty active IM sessions.

And how about meebo me, meebo’s latest twist on web IM? For being just two months old, you guys sure are using it a lot! You all have embedded 42,000 unique widgets. These widgets have been seen on 600,000 unique URLs by… (drum roll please)… 6,000,000+ unique people. Holy cow… that’s a lot of web-embedded IM chattering!

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