Biz idea: Background check yourself and publish

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There are a bunch of background check services but very few that encourage you to background check yourself. And even fewer that give a potential employer the opportunity to access your verified information.

There should be a business that allows consumers to pay for a resume verification service (verifying that you did get an MBA from Stanford, a computer science degree from Georgia Tech, worked for Goldman Sachs, etc.). Then the consumer can put a unique URL on the bottom of his resume that takes potential employers to a trusted page, with a trusted brand, that lists which of the items on someone’s resume the service was able to verify. It is that simple.

Of course, the economics only comes with building large-scale relationships with employers and universities as I doubt you could charge more than $100/person (plus $20/year to maintain the record).

10 thoughts on “Biz idea: Background check yourself and publish

  1. David Evans

    Auren, I just had a discussion about this last week. Definitely needed, something more than just scraping Facebook and mashing that up with a bkg chk.
    If anyone hears of a service that does that I’d like to hear about it at dave at digicraft dot com.

  2. Sheena - Background Check Advocate

    Wow, a great idea. People can put their own background checks from independent authorities along with their resumes and it adds so much credibility to their application. I just came across this post while reading about background checks and thought that’s way so cool!

  3. Mary Jones Parker

    I agree with doing a background check of yourself before the interview.. it will really make yourself confident.. knowing that you have nothing to hide.. or you will know what to hide.. hehehehe either way doing a something as a precautionary measure is always good.. ^_^

  4. patmcghee008

    Credibility is really important..specially when you are applying a job…that is why it is very important to have a background check your self first… Here’s a site that offer’s a criminal background check criminal background….

  5. background check

    Doing a background check of yourself will give you a lot of confidence before the interview.. Just imagine submitting your resume together with your clean background check results.. that will surely impress your employers.. You can also of course do a background check of the company you are applying for.. so that if they ask you anything about their company.. you’ll have something to say.. 🙂

  6. patmcghee008

    When you are applying a job..credibility is one factor that the employer is looking to an should be reliable to the employer..and you should do a
    employment verification
    checks to verify the past employment history of yours…

  7. background check service

    yes it is but be sure that you do not committed any criminal offense because that would be a big shame on you guys. Before you undergo online background check you should do an offline background check so that your background check report will not be seen publicly.

  8. Employment Verification

    Why should I do background check and publish it? Even if the result is clear and I have nothing to hide, I will never publish such important and private information to protect myself.

  9. Employment Verification

    Is it safe to publish someone’s background check result? Even if it returns clean, information like that should not be seen by others as this can mean invading one’s privacy..


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