things I like

This is a post of things I like. Very simple … I like these things:

Mikeike_1990Mike and Ike’s are absolutely yummy. They could be my favorite candy. Hot Tamales, Mike’s distant cousin, are great too.

AlfdvdAlf is cool. I love Alf. I know … weird … he wants to eat cats.

Favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Field of Dreams. Yeah, i know, they’re both sappy. I like sappy films. So sue me.

Malcolm Gladwell is super-interesting. So is Dan Gilbert. So is Dialog.

I like pasta, Thai noodles, chow mien, and anything noodlely. Yeah, starch and carbs are good.

I like my scuba writing tablet. But I don’t scuba-dive. I often get my best ideas in the shower and I use my scuba tablet to write them down. i get great ideas in the morning. not at night while going to bed like many of my friends.

I like living close enough to work to walk (7 blocks). I love that of the 6 other people I work with, 4 of them live even closer to work than I do.

I like reading about psychology. I like meeting other people that like reading about psychology.

I love dinner parties … especially those where the entire table is engaged in one conversation … and especially if the conversation is about something substantial.

I talk to strangers … a lot. But I also love to be anonymous.

I love my job. I love going to work and working.

I rarely “exercise” … but I twirl people on the dance floor. and I’d never give up my weekly soccer games.

I like people who think they might be wrong.

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  1. Hami

    “I like people who think they might be wrong.”
    — haahaa…you like it when people think they are doing something wrong? how is that?


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