Need more time? You can buy time

what is the purpose of money?

To me the purpose is the increase life, decrease pain, increase happiness, and help others.

TimegifOne easy way to increase your happiness is to decrease your pain points. Think of all the things you’ve been complaining about and see how to can eliminate them. Like if your friend is always late and it really annoys you, buy your friend a reminder service.

I have a bunch of friends that have made some money that are always complaining about time. They feel they don’t have time to do this or that. They don’t have enough time to read (they say). They don’t have enough time to work on a cool project. They don’t have enough time to play with their kids.

But you can buy time.

Need an extra two hours a day? Buy it.

Time isn’t cheap. But if you can afford it and it is your biggest pain point … then buy some time.

Some people invest their excess cash in a really nice car or a really nice watch. Or they throw a huge birthday party for themselves. Now these are all fine things … but they don’t solve most people’s pain points.

With my extra cash, I buy time. I drive a normal Toyota and have a $10 watch, but I have a personal assistant. For years (when I was at Stonebrick) she worked out of my home. Now that I’m at Rapleaf full-time, she helps out with things occasionally. And she is REALLY helpful.

So I bought time.

Yep. Paid for time. How much is time worth to you? If you say you’re worth $300/hr because that’s what you make in the office, then a free hour where you can do anything you want is worth more than $300. because you can do anything you want in that hour. Anything. So you should be willing to pay at least $300 for someone to do a chore you were going to do so it frees up your time so you can do something else.

And if it costs less than $300, then you should assume that you got a steal. A real steal.

Time is very valuable. But you can buy it.

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  1. Bernadette Balla

    Botox and Trim Spa both buy time as well. People don’t want to age and want to freeze time to look young. Trim Spa pills are for cop-outs. People pay a lot of money for these. Oh and what about Viagra? Come on, that buys time too..but this one buys time to make the “time” longer.


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