judgement and judgment

one of the words i most often mis-spell is “judgment”. i always spell it “judgement”

of course … it should really be spelled “judgement” right??? luckily, even though MS Spellchecker says i am wrong with my spelling, dictionary.com says i am right.

3 thoughts on “judgement and judgment

  1. Mike

    Actually I went through this in the 6th grade, (a LONG time ago), I had made the English teacher a bet, if I didn’t get 100% on every test, I’d start doing homework. She thought she had me, but I appealed to a higher authority than our spelling book, the Miriam-Webster dictionary, which said both were accepted spellings.
    There is such a thing as being too smart for your own good. 😉

  2. Jonathan Rosen

    I believe that “judgement” is the commonly accepted spelling in British English. They leave the “e” in, while in American English, there is no “e.”
    MS Spellchecker will leave you alone if you change the language English UK.

  3. dnallek@yahoo.com

    Hey Smart Mike,
    How do you spell Miriam-Webster? Sorry, I couldn’t pass this one up.


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