Spending patterns of youth predict adult money management

My friend Rebecca Wahl has a theory that how one spends money as a kid is a really good predictor of how one will treat money as an adult.

The theory goes that if you are fast and loose with money (spend it before you got it) when you’re 6, you’ll likely do the same when you’re 36. and if you’re putting it all away in your piggy bank when you’re little, you’ll likely be adding to your Charles Schwab account when you’re a bit bigger.

Or so the theory goes.

I tested the theory out in a very unscientific way by asking 20 people and the results generally to prove Rebecca’s point.

However, does that mean that people’s personalities are set in stone from a very young age? Can someone change his personality?

1 thought on “Spending patterns of youth predict adult money management

  1. Meem

    Its like the saying, if you do the same thing over and over again you will always get the same result. Unless you conciously train your mind and change your habit.


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