spelling mistakes and SEO

Everyone talks about different strategies of SEO (search engine optimization) with tons of really good ideas to get traffic from Google.

I was analyzing my Google-referred traffic on Summation and I get a LOT of random hits. It turns out that many of these pages have words that I misspelled. You see, I’m a really terrible speller (I’m a math guy) and my blog is riddled with spelling and gramatacal miscakes.

But it turns out that I am not alone. Turns out tons of people in the world are also really bad spellers. And they tend to mis-spell terms they are searching on in Google.


Many people make a lot of money on this by buying misspelled domain names. I have a friend that has a misspelled variation of “facebook.com” that gets thousands of people visiting a day.

Other people by ads off the search terms of mis-spellers.

Google even tries to compensate us poor spellers by suggesting search terms that we really meant.

In fact, I am continually amazed at the stupidity of the english language.
Maybe the Internet will help us all sympathize with Dan Quayle.

2 thoughts on “spelling mistakes and SEO

  1. Bernadette Balla

    What is even more confusing is when you have words that are spelled the same way but are pronouned differently in different context. For example : Read
    I read (pronounced as red) this book yesterday.
    You have to read (pronounced as read)this book.
    Or when you have words such as “photographer”, you would think it is pronounced as photo-gra-pher. But no, it’s pronounced without using the word “photo” in the word.
    This is why i do not like it when other people laugh at other people that do not speak English as their native toungue.

  2. Tyler Willis

    I also have atrocious spelling and grammar. However I really love writing and the language so I’m constantly trying to improve, interesting to think I may be hurting myself for driving traffic to my site.
    What it comes down to is getting your message across. one of the discouraging things about blogging for me is that I feel I’m disproportionately judged online by blog material — so I spend a lot of time looking for errors I’ve made. It’s fun (I’m a language dork), but also time intensive and I always seem to miss something.


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