two-for-one press day today

Today the Washington Post had a very interesting story about phishing and fraud online and they mentioned Rapleaf and quoted me about the arms race between the fraudsters and the good guys. (Ben Fallon at the White House was kind enough to email me the article — thanks Ben!)

Then I opened the Wall Street Journal a read a great story on Socializr by super-reporter Vauhini Vara. Vara quoted me on why I think Jonathan Abrams (the founder of Socializr and Friendster) is a genius.

two for one today 🙂

1 thought on “two-for-one press day today

  1. Peter Caputa

    I’d like to be able to read why you think Abrams is a genius. Not sure it’s worth $4.95, though, for WSJ access. I’m pretty unimpressed w/ Socializr, unless he has some secret business model up his sleeve that isn’t obvious.


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