2012 Predictions

I recently went to a retreat where they asked all the participants to make a non-obvious prediction for 2012.   here are the ones I submitted:

Math and number puzzles will overtake crosswords … reminding America of when salsa overtook ketchup.   

The legal drinking age in the U.S. will be 18 again causing teenagers to become utterly sober and move, en masse, to Saudi Arabia … where drinking will be cool again because it is illegal there. 

Every major presidential candidate will support gay marriage … to show their solidarity the Republican nominee and Democratic nominee will marry their daughters to each other.    

2011 is the coldest year on record … global macro hedge funds make a killing investing in manufacturers of leg warmers.

9 thoughts on “2012 Predictions

  1. Bernadette Balla

    Here is a few more, in every 10 person you see when you walk down the street, you will see an indian and a chinese.
    Disclosure: I am half chinese and half indian.
    The value of the dollar will drop.
    There will be talks of another war.
    The U.S Army will still be fighting in Iraq.
    and I saved the best for last.
    In 2012 the world will end. According to the Mayan Calender, the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012.

  2. Ken Castillo

    I was just wondering why there are so many predictions when it says clearly in the bible that only GOD knows the date and nobody else only him so how can it be that preditions are attempted on somthing so clear as no one but the father knows ??????????

  3. The New Outcome

    No one but the Father (GOD) does know about the date of the end but these predictions I believe will be the dates of the end of the world as we know it know. Big things will change, we will have a big different way of living our lives. There may be bad things that happen but we will survive till that day that GOD comes to end things. Moreover doesn’t it say that God will have a 7 year war and then there will be peace on the earth? If that is the case then the earth will not be destroid. The earth will survive.

  4. ROCK

    This is time pass nothing is going to happen.
    If as per bible GOD knows then why everyone trying to predict date … for example nastradumas and other person who know that only GOD know then why they are confusing world.

  5. bob

    you bible thumpers amaze me! you can never see past a book written by men and edited by selfish men. that bible does say there will be signs. maybe the mayan god was jesus telling them everything to write down so that the world could have signs. hello!! wake up and stop being so narrow minded.

  6. It's time to wake up.

    If i were you i’d put down your bible pretty quickly and OPEN YOUR EYES! I’m sorry to break it to you but you have been brainwashed. YOU are GOD…. God is in all of us…Nature is God! The truth about how powerful we really are has been kept from us by the system in order to control us. Religion has been designed for that purpose! We are all slaves to the system! OH and one more kick in the face….the people that preach and tell you your going to burn in hell unless you do what “Gods book” (which is full of double speak) tells you are hypocrites! The one question that validates the evilness of the system is WHY DOES WAR EXIST? (human sacrifice on a mass scale!) INFINATE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH….WAKE UP….WE ARE ALL ONE NETWORK, WE ARE SPITIUAL BEINGS WHO ARE TREATED LIKE SLAVES!!!!!!!! If this is allowed to be posted i’ll be suprised…

  7. Ali

    I actually agree with Bob!!!
    I believe in God, The All, The one true source of everything. But just like Jesus tried to tell us he’s in us and we’re in her!We are all A part of God. it’s a difficult concept to understand. we have been so brain washed, but it’s true. And as for the 2012 prediction… well we’re all in for a big lesson. remember it’s never to late!!! Learn…remember,Love and light to all. bless.

  8. Rob

    Ok people it not about bible thumping it is about the world we live in to day which is not the greatest for all of us, the hell that people say we live in is know where near or close as what is going to happen if we ALL do not smarten up, but that will never happen because of how selfish we ALL are, There are going to be sing’s that people will not understand and the people that do will know what to do. Nastradumas prediction’s have come true so far if you look back at what he predicked you will see, so for the people that say you are closed minded or narrow minded they are the one’s that need the wake up call, ok now does anyone know about the three days of darkness, NO I THINK NOT, that is when hell is going to be relised on earth, YOU WILL NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO LOOK OUT SIDE YOUR WINDOW WITHOUT DYING FROM THE SIGHT OF WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN, after the three days of darkness then and only then there will be pease on earth, and I know of one thing that our lord god is loosing his cool with us but thanks to OUR Mother MARY she has cooled him down a bit to let ALL OF US LIVE THIS LONG.!!! ???

  9. Tyler

    Let us hope that man will grow as one race. No more wars, greed, militaries, corruption.
    It may sound as a dream, but I believe in it. If enough of the common folks got together and learned of our spirituality, we could end trouble on earth.


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